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Ajax, April Graduates

Oshawa, April Graduates

Ajax, May GraduatesĀ 

Oshawa, May Graduates

Oshawa, June Graduates

Oshawa, July Graduates

Ajax, July Graduates

I’m thinking about all the wonderful things I learned at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES!


Some dogs are just born glamorous!

I loved puppy classes!

I’m ready for puppy class – let’s go!

I smell fun! I love my puppy classes!

I promise to do my best in puppy class.

Daisy, very attentive in puppy class.


Yes, master?

I was a very clever pup at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES”…Bowie, Yorkiepoo

Zeke pays close attention in puppy class.

Zoe listens to every detail in class.

Miro made lots of new friends at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES!

Winner of the Best Puppy Trick Contest

I learned to “focus” at PAWS-TIVE PUPPIES.

Benny, the Bernese, happy graduate.

I made a bunch of new friends at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES!

I won the Best Puppy Trick Contest! (Dougal)

I had so much fun at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES!

Ask me anything — I learned a lot at PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES!